Enter The Awards

Entries are now open for the 30th Edition of the Private Banker International Global Wealth Awards.

Full details of this year’s categories and criteria can be found below or downloaded here.

Nominations are now open for 2020.

Nominees should follow these simple guidelines to ensure their submission has the best chance of winning.

Submission Rules

  1. Submissions can be made either on behalf of your own company or in recognition of a colleague or partner firm.
  2. Maximum of 1,000 words using the online entry form (Additional supporting material can be attached but is not guaranteed to be considered. Any entry over 1,000 words risks having additional copy ignored so please keep the nomination concise and to the point)
  3. Entry must address the award category explicitly, not generic links to web sites, corporate marketing etc.
  4. Submissions should highlight the key differentiator and competitive nature of the project or implementation
  5. It is made explicit the Entrant, Judges and the publication will treat any and all information in strict confidence and any quotes or information to go into the public domain will be pre-cleared by the Entrant.
  6. Submissions made after the publicized cut-off date will be ignored irrespective of their relative merits.
  7. The Editor and Judges reserve the right to make no award for any specific category
  8. The Editor and Judges reserve the right to move a submission to a more appropriate category at their discretion
  9. In submitting for more than one category the submissions must be unique (see 3). There is no limit on the number of submissions. Multiple submissions by the same organisation for a single category will compete with each other. We would require a separate submission for each category.
  10. The Editor and Judges’ decision is final.
  11. We can only accept submissions in English.

The full list of awards categories and criteria for this year’s awards can be found here. Please note: Whilst we recommend you to try to submit against as many of the criteria as possible, we appreciate that for some companies this may not be possible. The more you can respond against the stronger your application will be, but we would like to highlight that submitting against all criteria is not mandatory. Should you require further guidance on your entry please contact our team at awards@meed.com

Good luck in your submissions!